VMware vSphere

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VMware vSphere is a platform for virtualizing the IT infrastructure of enterprises and providing cloud computing. It is the perfect base for any cloud environment. With intelligent process management, vSphere with Operations Management takes virtualization to a new level. And due to better monitoring, this solution provides higher levels of performance and availability.


  • Consolidate data centers and ensure business continuity.

Simplify data center processes, improve business efficiency, and reduce capital and operational costs through virtualization.

  • Improved application performance and availability.

Make your business more efficient due to high performance and availability of applications. Take control of your resources: balance workloads and prioritize access to resources to maximize the performance of your most critical applications.

  • Intelligent process control and automation.

Thanks to self-learning algorithms and predictive analysis tools that take into account the characteristics of your IT environment, you can monitor performance, identify performance bottlenecks and lack of resources, and optimize their use to improve application performance.

  • Migrate from UNIX to virtualized Linux.

Switch from legacy UNIX infrastructure to virtualized Linux. Provide high performance, improved availability, support for larger virtual machines and disaster recovery.

  • Virtualization for Big Data.

Simplify infrastructure management for Big Data and make it more economical. VMware is the best platform for this.

  • Support for remote offices and branches.

Manage your remote offices and branches without hiring individual IT staff for them. Provide fast server initialization with virtualization, minimize the drift of node configurations, and improve the visualization of regulatory compliance in multiple environments.

A vCenter license is required to manage VMware vSphere environments.

OPPORTUNITY vSphere Standard
vSphere Enterprise Plus
vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus

Business Continuity and Security

vMotion +transfer between virtual switches +Cross-vSwitch / Cross-vCenter / Long Distance / Cross-Cloud +Cross-vSwitch / Cross-vCenter / Long Distance / Cross-Cloud
Storage vMotion      
Data Protection      
Fault Tolerance 2 virtual CPUs 4 virtual CPUs 4 virtual CPUs
vSphere Replication      
Transfer Tool to the vCenter Server Appliance      
Virtual Machine Encryption    

Prioritization of resources and improved application performance

Virtual Volumes      
Policy-based storage management      
Distributed Resources Scheduler (DRS), Distributed Power Management (DPM)    
Storage DRS    
Storage I / O management    
Network I / O Control    
Standard support SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization)    
Proactive high availability