Speakerphone ClearOne CHAT 170

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Speakerphone CHAT 170 is a full-duplex speakerphone that provides high-quality audio for the Microsoft Lync platform while eliminating the use of large, expensive desk-top telephones for conference calls in offices and conference rooms. Providing simple connection and playback operations, the CHAT 170 does not require the installation of any drivers, it only needs to be connected to the USB port, and all incoming calls to Lync go to the CHAT 170.

360-degree coverage

The CHAT 170 speakerphone has 3 microphone elements for 360-degree sound coverage and a large speaker for negotiations with 1 to 6 people. CHAT® 170 contains advanced signal processing technologies that ClearOne developed for professional audio conferencing products.

Optimized for Microsoft Lync

The CHAT 170 speakerphone is a great addition to office conferencing or for use in conference rooms with extended audiences. CHAT 170 was created by ClearOne to provide small groups or individual users with conference calls based on the Microsoft Lync unified communications platform.

Advantages of CHAT 170:

  • Full duplex sound – allows users to listen and talk at the same time without losing sound quality
  • Distributed Echo Absorption – Identifies and eliminates acoustic echo
  • Noise reduction – picks up various noises in the room and reduces them to zero for a more natural sound during negotiations
  • The first microphone, in priority-intellectual order, changes the microphone levels depending on who speaks
  • Automatic level adjustment adjusts the microphone and speaker levels.