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  • Screen Size:24 “, 28”, 32 “, 40”, 48 “, 49”
  • Slim design, elegant interior complements
  • LYNKTM REACH 4.0 System effectively centralized control displays a remotely
  • The system interface supports management of multiple devices without additional settings
  • Customize the main menu for personalized customer interaction
  • My Channel
  • Multikodovyy control panel

Create a comfortable atmosphere for guests using the hotel TV Samsung HE470

New property Series HE470 display will open to guests additional opportunities to access information content based on their individual requirements. Subtle and elegant hotel displays Samsung Series HE470 managers can be managed at a central computer from using library templates to create personalized greeting messages and advertisements that are displayed on the TV set in the room. Connectivity solution Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0 and content management features allow system administrators to easily manage content on hundreds of television sets installed in hotel rooms. Compatible with systems integrator and support for cloning content via USB port allows quick and easy to update and customize content TVs in rooms, reducing the cost of support and maintenance of the equipment. Extremely functional, elegant and economical hotel HE470 TV in the room to create a comfortable atmosphere for visitors and increase the effectiveness of management of the hotel.