Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard x64 English

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Windows Server is a proven, scalable, enterprise-class cloud and data center platform that can host the most demanding workloads and take advantage of the extensive recovery options to protect against outages. This allows you to speed up the process of making a profit by simplifying the basic infrastructure, as well as reduce costs through the use of industry standard equipment. Windows Server helps you quickly develop, deploy, and scale applications and websites, and provides flexibility in balancing workloads between on-premises and the cloud. This allows you to provide flexible, remote access to corporate resources, while managing identities in the data center and identities included in the federation in the cloud, and also helps protect important business information.

Integrated Security Features
Increased security and reduced risk thanks to several levels of protection built into the operating system.

Data Center Transformation
Save money and increase flexibility with Microsoft Azure software-defined computing, storage and networking technologies.

Faster innovation
New technologies, such as Windows containers and Nano Server, for new ways to deploy and run applications locally and in the cloud.